Cat & SoEnergy Link Up On Temporary Power Plants

Caterpillar Inc. has announced an agreement that designates Miami-based SoEnergy as a global provider for international power projects (IPP). Under the agreement, Cat said SoEnergy will be positioned to more efficiently develop and respond to temporary power plant opportunities worldwide through a deeper relationship with Caterpillar that will deliver focused expertise, increased efficiency, competitive pricing and improved customer service.

SoEnergy operates a fleet of Cat power modules and mobile Solar dual-fuel turbines managing nearly 600 MW of temporary power at both 50 and 60 Hz for 14 client sites around the world.

SoEnergy also provides all the ancillary equipment required for turnkey energy solutions, including medium- and high-voltage transformers, cables, fuel systems, electrical metering, specialty equipment, and any required transmission and distribution works.

Certified for compliance with ISO 9001 quality standards, SoEnergy provides flexible temporary power solutions to customers worldwide, including utilities, oil and gas, industrial and emergency disaster relief, allowing them to maintain peak productivity. EI also delivers solutions to help manage unforeseen interruptions to customer power supplies during emergencies, natural disasters and special events. EI offers technical expertise in the planning, shipment, installation, operation and maintenance of power modules to ensure that facility power requirements function efficiently and cost-effectively.

A provider of temporary power in Latin America since 1998, SoEnergy has expanded its operations to Europe, the Middle East and Africa over the past year. Today, more than 1100 administrative, engineering, technical, product support and other staff in 11 countries can be deployed to address temporary power requirements.

“Flexible and reliable Cat power solutions have provided the driving force behind the temporary solutions offered by SoEnergy from the inception of our company,” said Andres Molano, rental division director for SoEnergy. “This agreement will permit SoEnergy to forge closer ties with Caterpillar that will help us better serve our clients’ temporary power needs worldwide.”