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SoEnergy Hires Antonov


SoEnergy International currently holds a power generation project of 80 MW of capacity in Panama. Recently there was a set back with the operation when a major storm took out one of its lighting arrestors leaving 40MW off the grid. In that state of emergency, SoEnergy procured a larger substation transformer located in the United States and was able to overcome delivery time and transit constraints of this oversized equipment by flying it on the Antonov (the world’s largest cargo plane) from Pittsburg, Pennsylvania to Panama on October 15th, in what is known to be a flawless execution.

The power plant will begin to operate once again by the end of the October.

Gibraltar Case Study

SoEnergy International (SE), a global provider of comprehensive power plants and diverse energy solutions, and the Government of Gibraltar announced that SE has been selected to supply temporary electrical power for the territory starting mid-December. SE’s solution will enable the Government of Gibraltar to focus on finding a permanent solution for the territory’s power generation.

“We are proud to support Gibraltar during its current power shortage and consider this project a testament of Energy International’s core values of providing clients worldwide with the fast, reliable, effective solutions they need to meet their unique energy needs,” said Edgar Ahumada, EI’s onsite project manager.

Specifically, SE will provide 15 MW (with the operational option to increase to 20MW) of baseload temporary electrical power using four dual-fuel, portable, rental turbines generating sets (along with an additional turbine as back-up) at the northwestern end of the North Mole, away from residential areas. The units operate with proven technology and incorporate “SoLo Nox Low Emission Technology,” which is more environmentally friendly than the diesel engine technology that has been used in Gibraltar for the past 80 years. The two-year agreement includes an option to extend to three years.

Cyprus Case Study

After an explosion knocked out power to the island of Cyprus, see how SoEnergy installed more than 95 MW in 33 days. Click the presentation below to view the case study.

Ecuador, Petroecuador

Petroecuador, Ecuador

Location: Quininde, Ecuador

Equipment: 3 x Cat® 3612 crude fuel pumping packages

Electrical output: Site rate: 4,185 HP, 950 RPM

Application: Sulzer, centrifugal pumps, Booster pumps


Honduras, Parkdale

Honduras, Parkdale

Location: Green Valley Industrial Park (Free Zone) Naco-Quinistan, Santa Barbara, Honduras

Equipment: 2 x Cat®16CM32C

Electrical output: 14.4 MWe

Application: Electric power generation with cogeneration of steam & chilled water.

Installation: October 2006

Nicaragua, Censa Power Plant

Nicaragua, Censa Power Plant

Location: Puerto Sandino, Nicaragua

Equipment: 4 x Cat® 16CM32

Electrical output: 68 MWe

Application: Utility power generation

Dominican Republic, Monte Rio Power Plant

Dominican Republic Monte Rio Power Plant

Location: Porto Viejo, Azua, Dominican Republic

Equipment: 5 x XQ5200 Taurus™ Gas Turbines from Solar Turbines @ 5,200 kWe

Electrical output: 101.5 MW

Output: Mechanical output @ Site:8,100kWb@514rpm
Electrical output @ Site: 7,806 @ 13.8 kV-60 Hz
Steam production: 8 x 619 kW

Installation: April 2003

USA, Shell Refining

Location: Anacortes, Washington

Equipment: 5 x XQ5200 Taurus™ Gas Turbines from Solar Turbines @ 5,200 kWe

Electrical output: 20 MW

Installation: May 2001


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