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SoEnergy Hires Antonov


SoEnergy International currently holds a power generation project of 80 MW of capacity in Panama. Recently there was a set back with the operation when a major storm took out one of its lighting arrestors leaving 40MW off the grid. In that state of emergency, SoEnergy procured a larger substation transformer located in the United States and was able to overcome delivery time and transit constraints of this oversized equipment by flying it on the Antonov (the world’s largest cargo plane) from Pittsburg, Pennsylvania to Panama on October 15th, in what is known to be a flawless execution.

The power plant will begin to operate once again by the end of the October.




Dear Client,

We are proud to announce that VICEL GROUP is now part of SoENERGY International Group of Companies.

You are welcome to visit VICEL GROUP to know about their operations  and the announcement of this new venture.

This new business alliance will add energy and capital to make our business grow faster and healthier,  and our commitment to exceed our clients’ needs and expectations even stronger.

As from Sept 1st your Requests For Quotations (RFQ’s) and Purchase Orders (PO’s) for equipment and spare parts manufactured by Vicel/ECS partners.


Coming Soon!