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SoEnergy Hires Antonov


SoEnergy International currently holds a power generation project of 80 MW of capacity in Panama. Recently there was a set back with the operation when a major storm took out one of its lighting arrestors leaving 40MW off the grid. In that state of emergency, SoEnergy procured a larger substation transformer located in the United States and was able to overcome delivery time and transit constraints of this oversized equipment by flying it on the Antonov (the world’s largest cargo plane) from Pittsburg, Pennsylvania to Panama on October 15th, in what is known to be a flawless execution.

The power plant will begin to operate once again by the end of the October.

Meta, Colombia – Thermal Power Plants

Meta, Colombia – Thermal Power Plants 

Sale of Energy – Long Term Power Generation
Total output 165.7 MW

ERC clears supply deal between South Cotabato electric coop

By: Euan Paulo C. Añonuevo,

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MANILA – Regulators have approved the power supply agreement entered into by South Cotabato’s electric cooperative and the local unit of Miami-based SoEnergy International Inc.

In a decision, the Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) affirmed the supply deal between South Cotabato II Electric Cooperative Inc (Socoteco II) and SoEnergy International Philippines Inc.

Under the agreement, SoEnergy will deliver at least a 15-megawatt (15 MW) capacity from its 19-MW diesel-fired generator set to Socoteco II for two years.

SoEnergy put up the temporary diesel plant in Socoteco II’s franchise area after posting the lowest bid of P14 per kilowatt-hour for the supply of electricity to the latter in 2013.

Socoteco II sought the additional power supply because of insufficient power generation in Mindanao due to limited production from state-owned hydroelectric plants whose output have been affected by the extreme heat.

Without the additional power supply, Socoteco II projected its franchise area, which includes General Santos City, will “continuously experience severe deficiency or shortage in the power supply in 2014 and 2015.”

Socoteco II’s power supply deficiency is as high as 16 MW, which translates to power outages lasting as long as seven hours a day.

SoEnergy International (formerly Energy International) is an energy services provider with interests across the globe.

Interview with Energy International

Energy International’s Daniel Vintimilla provides details on his experience working as a member of the Cyprus management team based in Dhekali. Energy International provided 95 MW of power to eliminate the power shortage that occurred as a result to the Evangelos Florakis Naval Base explosion.

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Philippines Case Study

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General Santos, Philippines

    • CLIENT: Socoteco II – South Cotabato II Electric Cooperative Inc.
    • FUEL: Diesel
    • EQUIPMENT: 14 x CAT PM1360 Power Modules
    • APPLICATION: Utility
    • CONTRACT PERIOD: 24 months
    • INSTALLATION: July 2013
    • LOCATION: General Santos, Philippines

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Florida company provides electrical power for the world

Energy International’s latest project was an emergency fix for Gibraltar’s decrepit power grid.

Click here to view original article here. BY MIMI WHITEFIELD

Workers load equipment for the power plant in Gibraltar. Aderyn Productions / Energy International

More than 4,000 miles from its home base in Doral, Energy International is helping keep the lights on and the power grid humming in Gibraltar, the British territory on the southern tip of the Iberian Peninsula.

Energy International, a global provider of power plants and energy solutions, sent a temporary plant that will provide power for at least the next two years while a more permanent fix is sought for the territory’s erratic and aging electrical system.

The Doral company was founded 14 years ago as MCA Power Systems and its initial goal was to pursue energy contracts in Latin America. It began 2000 with a name change and in recent years its focus has become global.

“The world needs energy,’’ said Brett Hall, EI’s vice president of finance.

While the 2007-2008 recession curtailed the growth of worldwide energy demand, the U.S. Energy Information Agency has projected that global demand for electricity will increase by 2.3 percent annually from 2008 to 2035.

The potential is especially strong in developing nations. The International Energy Agency estimated that in 2009, 21 percent of the world’s population — 1.4 billion people — didn’t have access to electricity. In sub-Saharan Africa, the percentage of people without power rises to 69 percent.

Energy International has expanded sales from Latin America and the Caribbean to Europe, Africa and the Middle East, boosting revenue from $100 million annually in 2009 to more than $300 million today, Hall said. This year, EI is anticipating revenue of $350 million to $375 million.

In the next seven years the company, which is privately owned by American shareholders and affiliated with Gecolsa — the Caterpillar dealership in Colombia — hopes revenue will top $1 billion, he said.

Even though Energy International is based in the United States, it does little work domestically. Its sweet spot is emerging economies and contracts of $100 million or less.

“Our focus is to do whatever makes the most economic sense for a particular market,’’ said Hall.

“We’re not going to be building a nuclear power plant,’’ he said. But EI will accommodate its solutions to local fuel supplies whether it’s biofuel, natural gas or heavy fuels that are more prevalent.

When it comes to the type of temporary power solution needed by Gibraltar, which had been plagued by a string of power outages at its archaic electrical facilities, EI can have a temporary plant up and running in 30 to 40 days, supplying the engineering, rental turbines and other equipment and doing the installation.

“We were able to support Gibraltar’s power needs on short notice,’’ said Andres Molano, EI’s vice president of sales. “Some of their equipment required major maintenance and they needed to stop their plants.’’

EI, one of the world’s largest suppliers of interim energy solutions, signed a $12 million contract with the government of Gibraltar in November and the plant was operational by Dec. 21. The agreement includes an option for a three-year extension.

Equipment is moved into position in December for the new power plant that Energy International is building in Gibraltar. Aderyn Productions, LLC / Aderyn Productions, LLC

The equipment now in use in Gibraltar is considered part of EI’s fleet and will move on to other energy emergencies when its service in the territory famed for the Rock of Gibraltar is complete.

But when it comes to its permanent power plants, EI will build a facility for a client looking to generate its own power or construct a plant, run it and sell power directly to the final user.

“We can do all the work ourselves. We have all the skills in house — finance, design, operations, maintenance, building and the equipment,’’ said Hall.

Energy International has moved into the Middle East, completing projects in Oman and Yemen and establishing a subsidiary in Dubai in 2012 to pursue business in Africa and the Middle East, said Molano.

“Africa is new to us, but we believe there are opportunities there,’’ he said.

The company also is looking for continued growth in Latin America, especially in Colombia, which is now attracting foreign investors who previously had been spooked by violence.

Remote areas of the Amazon where temporary power solutions are needed also represent opportunity for the company.

“EI is very fortunate to be in a position in which we have more excellent opportunities than capital.’’ said Hall, so this year it will be concentrating on raising equity to finance growth.

“One of our biggest challenges in 2013,’’ Hall said, “will be to find investors or joint venture partners to provide capital that will enable EI to perform these projects so our aggressive revenue growth targets can be achieved.’’


Message from the President

Welcome to the first issue of our e-newsletter!

As we celebrate our company’s 15-year anniversary, we can all take pride that we have achieved something truly remarkable: establishing our company as a leading provider of temporary and permanent power solutions, expanding globally to serve clients in Cyprus, Gibraltar, Oman and other regions worldwide, building lasting client relationships, boosting our annual revenues from $1.5 million in 1998 to more than $300 million today, and just as important, creating a strong team of the industry’s best and brightest professionals.

Indeed, the future for our company is bright. As global demand continues to increase, so are our energy solutions and the unique value that our company provides to our customers in terms of speed, flexibility, reliability, cost-effectiveness and expertise. The potential for deploying our solutions in developing nations is particularly significant. In 2009, 21% of the world’s population didn’t have access to electricity, according to the International Energy Agency. In regions like sub-Saharan Africa, the number is 69%.

As we work to seize opportunities to meet this growing demand, we have made the strategic decision to rebrand our company as SoEnergy International, a name that is rooted in our company’s history and will better differentiate our company on a global scale. To learn more about our new brand identity, please visit our website, where you can also view our project database, videos, photo gallery, case studies, and other information.

Meanwhile, we hope you will find this e-newsletter useful and look forward to your comments and we welcome your suggestions for future topics. Thank you for your valuable contributions and support of SoEnergy International as we embark upon this next phase of our company’s growth. Simply put, we couldn’t do it without you!


Hector Bernal,
SoEnergy International

Keeping the Power Supply of Cyprus Running

Shortly after the Evangelos Florakis naval base explosion, Energy  International, a power generation solution provider from Florida, USA, was contracted by the electricity authority of Cyprus to provide 94 Caterpillar Generations to generate 90 MW of power across two sites at Mooni and Dhekali.

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