1998EI (today SoEnergy) is created as a spin-off of the Energy Division of Gecolsa, the Caterpillar Dealer for Colombia.
1999SoEnergy Purchases two engineering companies, Hidroestudios & Mejia Villegas, to form HMV Engineers. HMV had 600+ engineers with experience in electrical engineering, transmission & distribution, and hydroelectric projects.
2000SoEnergy is created as a joint venture with Sotreq, the largest Caterpillar dealer in Brazil, to market Medium Speed Engine “MSE” projects to the Brazilian energy sector.
2002 Creation of Brasympe in association with SoEnergy, Petrobras and other investors. Brasympe built and operated 368 MW of rental power in Brazil between 2002-2005. Creation of Energy International Corp. (Cayman). All turn-key projects are sold through this entity. First-turnkey project – Arco, Quininde, Ecuador pipeline project.
2003The Group expanded into Bahamas successfully negotiating the Caterpillar dealership for the Bahamas, Cayman islands and the Turks and Caicos.
2004SoEnergy’s first use of absorption chillers for a tri-generation application at the Elcatex textile plant in Honduras.
2006 FerrEnergy is created in association with Ferreyros S.A.A., the Peruvian Caterpillar Dealer, to develop energy projects in that country.
2007 SoEnergy purchases partner’s shares and assumes full control of SoEnergy Brazil, as part of this transaction reduces ownership of Brasympe to 13%.
Commenced operation of the company’s first BOOMT contract for Pluspetrol at their Guayabal field. SoEnergy added Gas Turbines to the rental fleet .
2008 HMV is spun-off from SoEnergy group to simplify the financial audit process. Creation of SoEnergy Argentina for two initial bridge power contracts in Argentina, which grew to nine (9) projects by 2010. Termo Rubiales is created as a project company to develop a BOOMT agreement for 59 MW with Meta Petroleum at the Pacific Rubiales oilfileds in the Eastern Llanos of Colombia. First use of steam turbines in a hybrid plant – Petrobras, Block 18, Ecuador.
2010Four (4) new project companies are created to develop additional BOOMT agreements with ODL and Meta Petroleum for the Llanos pipeline and Pacific Rubiales fields.
2011 SoEnergy FZCO Gulf, in Dubai, is incorporated, as sales office for the Middle East, Europe and Africa. First contract in Europe (Cyprus) First contract in the Middle East (Oman) SoEnergy is named a Global IPP by Caterpillar for worldwide rental projects.
2012Initiation of development of first biomass fueled Sale of Energy project for El Salvador S.A. de C.V, as a joint venture with an existing client, Textufil S.A.
2013Company name changed to SoEnergy International, Inc.