SoEnergy International (formerly Energy International) is a global energy services provider delivering customized solutions, including sale of energy, bridge and long-term power solutions, for a diverse array of organizations and industries worldwide. The company has world-class technical expertise and international infrastructure throughout Latin America, and is currently expanding into Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

SoEnergy’s services include the design, engineering, procurement, construction, installation, operation and maintenance of large-scale bridge and long-term energy solutions for clients in need of base load electricity, peak shaving, distributed generation, supplemental power, and emergency stand-by power generation as well as industrial gas compression and pump stations.

One of the world’s largest providers of large-scale bridge energy solutions; SoEnergy has extensive experience in the public and private sector including mining, oil and gas, utilities, government and military, as well as crisis energy situations and energy requirements in remote locations. In conjunction with its affiliated engineering company, HMV Engineers, and its strategic partnership with Caterpillar for bridge power installations, SoEnergy International provides clients with fast, reliable and customized energy solutions integrating diverse technologies and power production sources to meet clients’ unique requirements.

Key Differentiators:

  • Global energy firm committed to the provision of solutions that support the economic development of the regions it serves
  • Large-scale bridge or  long-term contracts for  construction, installation and long-term operation of power projects and comprehensive energy solutions
  • Fast, reliable and flexible energy provider
  • Systems integrator leveraging multiple types of energy production under co-generation or tri-generation designs
  • World-class technical expertise, in-house engineering resources and best-in-class construction services
  • Strong international infrastructure in Latin America and operational efficiencies spreading throughout the world
  • Financially strong with solid experience in arranging project financing
  • Effective risk-assessment and mitigation procedures
  • Strategic partner and provider of superior customer service to clients in all types of industries worldwide
  • Proven track record and history of delivering successful, high-quality, projects on time and within budget
  • International perspective coupled with strong sense of corporate social responsibility
  • Highly trained and motivated staff of operators and technicians for O&M contracts or other technical services