Disaster Relief

Electricity is never more needed than in the aftermath of a disaster. Lights and refrigeration shut down, fire fighting and medical equipment no longer function, and many businesses have to close. Electricity from mobile power units can provide relief and are critical until utility service can come back online.

Hurricanes, earth quakes, floods, tornados and other disasters can happen at any time, leaving local governments, organizations and businesses with an immediate need for temporary power. Backup power is playing an increasing and critical role in the recovery from all manner of disasters.

During emergencies there is an immediate need for medical services, portable water, electrical service and communications. Energy International is committed to providing fast and flexible temporary power solutions to meet these needs. Cat® mobile power modules can be easily installed independently or in parallel to provide as little or as much energy output as needed.

During emergencies, temporary power systems sustain operations that safeguard public health and safety even during prolonged utility outages. A wide range of mobile generators can supply power to schools, factories, businesses and homes.

Emergency energy needs can be quite varied in scope – such as providing temporary power if a thunderstorm knocks down local power lines or as massive as providing several megawatts of power for local and regional governments, communities, organizations and businesses in the aftermath of a major hurricane or earthquake.

Energy International uses world-class Cat temporary power modules to generate quiet, safe, low pollution, cost-effective electrical power. They can be readily employed to provide the electrical power needs for medical equipment, refrigerators, lighting, ventilation, communications equipment, and other general electrical needs.

Relief workers can use Cat temporary power modules to power temporary medical clinics, emergency stations, communication stations and supply centers. They can also be used to power water pumping and purification equipment.

Cat temporary power modules can also be used by essential businesses while they wait for primary power to become available again.

Cat temporary power modules can play an important role in the relief effort after a disaster. The longer the period that utility power is out, the greater the benefit Cat temporary power modules can provide as a sustainable energy source. Whatever the emergency might be, Energy International can quickly meet your temporary power needs.