On-site electric power generation is essential for a wide range of needs in the mining industry. Long-term or mobile systems can provide energy for facilities that are beyond the reach of utility power grids. The ability for mobile power units to provide highly flexible solutions in mining operations, with a wide range of ratings – from 20 kilowatts to more than 2 megawatts – can ensure your operation maintains cost-effective and reliable power for any centrally located or remote operation.

SoEnergy power generation solutions are currently used in construction sites, quarries and mines throughout Latin America and the Caribbean in applications such as:
    • Prime power where utility power grids can’t reach or are not cost-effective
    • Where entire control of energy production is essential
    • Standby power to provide energy for critical systems during utility service interruptions
    • Bridge power, for flexible, short-term energy
    • Reliable power generation to extract products cost-effectively

SoEnergy has supplied bridge power solutions for several mining operations in Latin America. Our power generation solutions have helped mines operate profitably in markets driven by time-critical commodity pricing. Our power systems can help your mining operations maintain uninterrupted cost-effective power for essential equipment, keeping production flowing while helping your operation control costs.

As primary power or as a backup or standby to utility power, our power generation systems provide reliable, mobile and flexible energy for:
    • Administrative operations
    • Heating, cooling and ventilation
    • Crushing and milling processes
    • Pumping liquids
    • Electric shovels and draglines