Oil & Gas

Proven Power Solutions for the Oil & Gas Industry

We are a large-scale global energy provider offering interim and long-term power solutions to the Oil & Gas industry.

“SoEnergy has provided excellent, high-quality services to date.”

- Fernando Asenjo, Project Manager, Pacific Rubiales (the largest independent oil & gas exploration and production company in Colombia publicly traded on the Toronto and Colombian stock exchanges)

SoEnergy provides energy solutions for the petroleum industry, whether for exploration, production onshore or offshore, or transportation applications.  Our product portfolio includes medium-speed engines or gas or steam turbines that have been providing reliable power in a variety of oil and gas applications around the world, such as generator sets, gas compressors and pump packages. Our engines can burn crude oil, diesel and a wide variety of field gases. With a product line that ranges from 50 to 10,000 HP, they can compete in most power, speed or fuel specifications. The same applies to the turbines, burning gas or distillate fuels, with unit ratings of 1,600 to 19,500 HP.

SoEnergy will design your energy solutions in the timeframe that you need to develop your oil & gas projects. We offer:

Comprehensive Solutions

  • Interim and long-term power solutions to suit your budget and power needs, including gasoline and diesel
  • A product line ranging from 50 to 10,000 HP with virtually any power, speed or fuel specification
  • Single-source capabilities for rapid setup and cost savings

Proven Track Record

  • 15–year record of success
  • Experience that includes a global service footprint across Latin America, the Caribbean, Africa, and the Middle East
  • Extensive technical and project management expertise to ensure that we offer our clients the efficiency, savings and responsiveness they require