Public Utilities

“Both civil and electromechanical work was performed on time and of a very high quality, and GRENLEC will not hesitate in recommending HMV for the execution of work similar to that performed in our power station.”

- Vernon Lawrence, Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer, Grenada Electricity Services Limited

When governments and public utilities need power generation to solve their complex energy needs, they turn to SoEnergy. Our clients rest assured that our rapid-response teams and highly skilled engineers are poised and ready to design, procure, construct, install and even manage large-scale energy solutions from sprawling metropolises to the most rural and out-of the-way areas.

Similarly, if your area befalls complications that incapacitates power generation, you can rely on SoEnergy’s rapid response teams and world-class technical expertise to handle your crisis energy situation with the utmost speed, best-in-class construction services and top-notch engineering solutions that are custom-tailored to support your public utilities operations.