Long-Term Power Systems

“Civil and electromechanical work for both Calderas and Guápiles power plants were executed by Energy International with the highest quality work and on a timely basis and within budget. We would highly recommend Energy International as a good choice for the execution of a project similar to those completed at our plants.”-Henry Arroyo Q, General Manager, Grupo Pujol-Martí Power Supply, S.A.

SoEnergy is a leading provider of large-scale long-term power solutions worldwide. For public and private clients, public utilities and general industrial clients, SoEnergy provides long-term integrated systems that are custom-tailored to fit our client’s energy demands.

With a tried and tested world-class technical expertise, in-house engineering resources and best-in-class construction services, SoEnergy’s clients can rest assured we will maintain efficient, uninterrupted, cost-effective long-term power generation systems to meet their power consumption needs, regardless of the size or scope of the projects. Our power solutions can be installed with a full complement of load banks, transformers, switchgear and fuel storage tanks.

Long-term Power Systems Gallery