Sale of Energy (BOOMT)

Our sale of energy solutions enable clients in a wide variety of industries to focus on running their core business operations while we make the necessary investments, operate and maintain key services, and seamlessly take care of all of their power needs. Our integrated approach includes planning, engineering, construction, operation, maintenance and financial services.

With a wide range of engines and equipment, SoEnergy has a diverse portfolio of products and services for designing, building and operating power plants. We are committed to delivering the highest quality standards in BOOMT energy services.

We enable clients to efficiently receive reliable power for their operations in regions where power sources are not reliable or not available, actually saving our clients money by enabling them to use the most cost-effective fuels (diesel, HFO or gas). Most of our engagements last 10 years to 20 years, but when clients request it, we can transfer the assets at the end of the projects.

Here’s how the process typically works. First, we begin by assessing our clients’ specific power needs and other considerations, including their timelines and budgets. Then, we evaluate all of the available energy sources in the area and identify the fuel options that would be most cost-effective for our clients. Finally, we move efficiently through the installation phase to ensure the projects are delivered quickly, on time and within our clients’ budgets.

Sample sale of energy experience includes:

We have a proven track record working with clients in industries including oil and gas, utilities, manufacturing, military, and government. Our experience includes:

  • An 13.5 MW project with Pluspetrol
  • Three contracts with Meta Petroleum for 97 MW
  • Three 22.5 MW power plants with ODL
  • 97 MW across six power plants with Pacific Rubiales

We take pride in our commitment to safety, minimized emissions, and established reputation for long-term reliability that has helped make SoEnergy International known as a leader in the sale of energy in the power generation market.

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