O&M, Technical Services

SoEnergy offers a wide variety of services to ensure our clients’ satisfaction and the success of their investments.

Ensuring that operations maintain uninterrupted power to keep your facility power requirements functioning efficiently and cost-effectively requires a service concept that goes beyond simple inspections and maintenance checks. At SoEnergy, we offer the most complete range of services designed to ensure the optimal performance of your equipment. Our portfolio of products and specialized services will help you meet your strategic objectives.

SoEnergy offers standardized long term O&M contracts to our customers that can provide the best solution for their needs. SoEnergy can also tailor agreements to fit our customers’ specific requirements.

We have organized an experienced team of engineers and technicians well-qualified to assist our customers during the installation, commissioning and start-up of pump sets, generator sets and compression packages driven by Cat® engines. The combination of the highest quality Cat® equipment coupled with our ISO 9001 certified technical and engineering services and our ability to deliver to the most remote locations will ensure that you’ll have uninterrupted power, temperature control and air compression solutions no matter where your operation is located.

We specialize in difficult logistical situations and have installed equipment to a wide range of remote locations such as off-shore platforms and locations deep inside the Amazon.

One of our main businesses is selling parts locally and internationally. Before any contract, we support our clients so that they can make the best decisions suited for their operations.

We have consolidated our capacity to perform commissioning, major and general reconditioning in frame, including removal and installation of crankshafts from Cat® 3500 and 3600 series and MAK engines. Our customers, mostly from the oil and gas industry, trust all their maintenance and repairs schedules to our division.

In addition, we provide technical assistance in commissioning, operation and maintenance of Taurus™ 60 IPG gas turbines from Solar® Turbines.

We also provide technical training to ensure the optimum performance of our power solutions.

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