Bridge Power Solutions

“We confirm that Energy International is a reliable company, with a high level of responsiveness, efficiency and agility to respond to the demand for emergency Bridge power.”- Juan Chavez, Administrador de Contrato, Corporación Eléctrica del Ecuador Celec EP

SoEnergy is the leader in bridge power solutions in Latin America and the Caribbean. We have provided bridge power solutions to factories, construction sites, and local and regional power grids. Our equipment is mobile, flexible and can be deployed on short notice to handle bridge power needs such as power plant outages or disaster relief.

SoEnergy’s bridge power fleet is manufactured by Caterpillar® and complies with Caterpillar’s high quality standards. Our units may be installed in parallel to provide our clients with as little or as much power as they need — up to hundreds of megawatts. They can be complemented with transformers, electrical substations, distribution systems and other auxiliary equipment. SoEnergy also provides extensive expertise in design, installation, engineering, operation and maintenance of bridge power plants.

SoEnergy also helps clients solve unexpected problems such as delays in construction projects, peak seasonal demands or bridge power supply until a long-term power plant is ready.

SoEnergy also provides turn-key solutions, bridge Independent Power Producer (IPP) Contracts, electrical studies, project management, substation and transmission lines of up to 500 kV and environmental, geological and soil studies.

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